Qianli Iblack Stencil 3D - Kirin 655/659

QianLi iBlack Stencil 3D - Kirin

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QianLi's stencils are the bestseller! They are designd and manufactured  by QianLi with high quality and precision. These 3D stencils help you reball the chips for CPU, power logic, communication base band, and hard disk for different iPhone models. See table below for more information about the different types of stencils.

The holes are laser-cut instead of the the industy widely used, but enviromentally demaging cutting with chemical process. The resulting tin holes on the chip are precise and well-aligned. Additionally, black color makes it easy to distinguish the tin from the stencil providing therefore convenient and easy use.

These stencils also feature a 3D relief, conceived for holding the chip in place under the stencil. This helps greatly to avoid mistakes by chip movement and make the work of technician easier and more efficient.

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